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The Allegheny serviceberry grows in shade or partial shade as an understory tree. The small tree grows 30 to 40 feet tall and spreads 15 to 20 feet. Multiple stems are upright and highly branched forming a dense shrub, or if properly pruned a small tree. Serviceberry is considered a derivative of sarvisberry, which in turn comes from a Latin word for a European tree with similar-looking fruit. Some people, such as Maritimers, call them shadbush which points to their blooms coming at the same time as the run of an Atlantic coast shad fish. ©J.S. Peterson. USDA NRCS National Plant Data Center NPDC. United States, DC, Washington, USDA ARS National Arboretum. June 13, 2002. Usage Requirements. Amelanchier laevis is a deciduous Shrub growing to 9 m 29ft by 6 m 19ft at a medium rate. It is hardy to zone UK 4 and is not frost tender. It is in flower from April to May, and the seeds ripen from June to July. The species is hermaphrodite has both male and female organs and is pollinated by Bees. The plant is self-fertile. Allegheny Serviceberry Amelanchier laevis is a small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which is native to thickets, open woods, sheltered slopes and wood margins where it typically grows 15-20 feet tall.

Amelanchier / æ m ə ˈ l æ n ʃ ɪər / am-ə-LAN-sheer, also known as shadbush, shadwood or shadblow, serviceberry or sarvisberry, or just sarvis, juneberry, saskatoon, sugarplum or wild-plum, and chuckley pear is a genus of about 20 species of deciduous-leaved shrubs and small trees in the rose family. Amelanchier is native to temperate. 04/12/2019 · In serviceberry: Common species metres 26 feet; and the Allegheny serviceberry A. laevis, which is similar to A. canadensis but is taller and has more nodding flower clusters. The downy serviceberry A. arborea is also similar to A. canadensis but is more vigorous and has larger hanging.

Discover Life's page about the biology, natural history, ecology, identification and distribution of Amelanchier laevis - Allegheny serviceberry -- Discover Life mobile. Allegheny serviceberry Amelanchier laevis Also called smooth serviceberry, this dense, somewhat short lived plant is hardy to zones four through eight. It adapts to a range of moisture levels from dry or well drained, moist soils to wetter conditions. 15/06/2012 · Amelanchier laevis Common name: Allegheny Serviceberry Zones 4-8 Plant in 4 hours of sun full sun to part sun 20'-40' H x 15'-20' W Blooms: white fragrant flowers in spring. Amelanchier laevis, commomly called Allegheny serviceberry, is a small, deciduous, usually multi-trunked understory tree or tall shrub which is native to thickets, open woods, sheltered slopes and wood margins in Eastern North America where it typically grows 15-25' less frequently to 40' tall. This plant may possess irregular branching. Allegheny Serviceberry is an open multi-stemmed deciduous tree with a more or less rounded form. Its relatively fine texture sets it apart from other landscape plants with less refined foliage. This is a relatively low maintenance tree, and is best pruned in late winter once the threat of extreme cold has passed.

Location Map for Amelanchier laevis Allegheny Serviceberry Click a marker pin or a green plant 'dot' for details. Map Help. Allegheny Serviceberry Amelanchier laevis. The lightly scented white flowers of this Serviceberry put on a pretty show in the spring. Late summer brings purplish-black berries which are juicy and sweet. Allgheny serviceberry is a deciduous, early-flowering, large shrub or small tree which typically grows 15-30' tall. Five-petaled, slightly fragrant, white flowers in drooping clusters appear before the leaves emerge in early spring. Medium to dark green leaves in summer change to orange-red in autumn. Datasheet Types: Host Plant, Exclude from ISC. Invasive Species Compendium. Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide. Allegheny serviceberry is a multistemmed small tree reaching up to 25 feet tall. It produces large white fl owers in spring and bluish green fruit. Culture: Allegheny serviceberry grows best in partial shade; it will show signs of stress if grown in full sun in dry areas.

Serviceberry, genus Amelanchier, genus of some 20 species of flowering shrubs and small trees of the rose family Rosaceae. Most species are North American; exceptions include the snowy mespilus Amelanchier ovalis, which ranges over Europe, and the Asian serviceberry, or Korean juneberry A. Amelanchier laevis: Allegheny Serviceberry 3 Diseases Witches’ broom, also called black mildew, infects the growing point causing the formation of many stems. The cluster of stems is called the “witches’ broom”. Another symptom is a black fungal growth, coating the undersides of the leaves. The damage to the tree is usually not serious. Allegheny Serviceberry is a small tree 10-25 feet in height. Snow-white flowers appear with the bronze-colored new leaves in early spring. New leaves are smooth beneath. Leaf. Allegheny Serviceberry is a native tree for all seasons. In April and May it has beautiful white flowers that are delicately scented and provide nectar for the season's early bees and butterflies. In mid summer its fruits ripen to brilliant violet pink, aging to deep blue purple when fully ripe. Its leaves play occasional host to the larvae of.

Allegheny Serviceberry or Smooth Serviceberry Amelanchier laevis. Known also as the Smooth Shadbush. Often planted as an ornamental for the beautiful showy flowers and red fall foliage. The fruit is sweet and juicy. Description: USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 4-8 More information on hardiness zones.Allegheny Serviceberry. These large shrubs or small trees are well know for their fine sweet blue/purple berries. The fruits look and taste similar to blueberries but.Save big on Serviceberry Tree! We offer deals and free shipping on a great selection of Serviceberry tree, fruit trees, nut trees available in the different growing zone and in all sizes. It is a beautiful way to cover a lot of ground in a hurry. Shop now!

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